Diamond in the Ruff Dog Training

About Us

Robert & FriendI find it interesting how life brings you back to the things you enjoy. You see, my career as a dog trainer started long ago when I was very young; I just didn't know I was going to be a trainer. In fact, the first animal I trained was my cat Pinky, when I was 8 years old. It all started out of self-preservation. We would play, and when I was done and just wanted to watch TV or do something else, he still wanted to play, many times sneak attacking me and smacking me with his paws. Of course, he clipped me once too many time near my eyes and Mom threatened to get rid of him. So to protect myself (and him) when I was done playing, I would make Pinky lay down put his paws together and hold this position for five minutes. When I let him go, her was calm and left me alone. Eventually I was able to say, "Pinky say your prayers" (that's what it looked like to me), and he would lay down and put his front paws together, staying there until I told him to go. I also taught him to open the kitchen cabinet to retrieve his Tender Vittles food and carry it to his bowl so he could open it and eat. At 10 years old I trained my landlord's dog but that didn't go so well. My landlord got upset because the dog listened to me and not them! I was too young to know you had to train the dog owners too.

Years later, I started as a client with the largest dog training company in New York. Using them to help me train my own dogs for over a decade. I came to realize that I had a passion for training. Many times you would find me working with my dogs in places such as Tanger Outlets in eastern Long Island. Doing so brought that training company tons of referrals from those who observed and admired my dogs' behavior in public. So when I approached that company about becoming a trainer, they knew I was the kind of person who would excel dog training. I started my apprenticeship in 2012 through a two-year program where I worked hands on with dogs every day, from small breeds to big breeds from the very laidback dog to the "I want to be in charge" dog. I was required to learn and master all forms of training methods, including food-based clicker training, leash-based training and even more modern remote-collar training. My teacher noticed that I had a special knack and patience for rehabilitating socially aggressive dogs of all sizes and teaching them to be more accepting of people and other dogs.

I enjoy saving dogs from getting kicked out of their homes. It's fun and rewarding to see the transformation from rambunctious and out of control to reasonably calm and obedient.