Diamond in the Ruff Dog Training


Free in home evaluations for dogs of all ages.

Diamond Puppy Programs

Diamond Puppy ProgramsDiamond Puppy Programs are available for puppies age 3 months old; the program's end depends on individual maturity at age 4.5 to 5 months old.

Diamond Puppy In-Home Program

This is a food-based program that teaches you to teach your puppy to focus on you. The more you put into it, the more you and your puppy will get out of it. Consists of four in-home lessons.

Diamond Puppy Board & Train

This is a food-based program that teaches your puppy to focus and be a better student. It also helps start the potty training process, but cannot guarantee the puppy will be housebroken. This is a two week program where the dog lives with us.

Diamond Programs

Diamond DogDiamond Programs are available for dogs 4.5 months of age and up.

Diamond In-Home Training

During this program I teach you to teach your dog to be obedient. You will be responsible to do approximately 20-25 minutes of homework every day in between lessons. Includes four one hour lessons and you have homework every day.

Diamond Board & Train

The dog will live with us for two weeks learning basic obedience. When he or she returns, you will still have to put in some work but it will be far less than if you were doing the in-home program. This is a two week program with two follow-up appointments.

Advanced Diamond Program

To qualify to enter this program, you must complete one of the Diamond programs. This program improves your handling and fine tunes your dog's skills.

Diamond Therapy Prep Course

This course prepares you and your dog to take the therapy dog test. To qualify for this program, the dog must be 1 year old and have completed one of the Diamond programs.

Passing the therapy test can be very rewarding for you and your dog, as you will be able to visit the sick weather young or old In hospitals and nursing homes, or maybe help a child learn to read through the "read to me" programs  many libraries have.


Boarding available to the dogs or puppies who have been through one of the Diamond programs.

Therapy Dog test Evaluator

Awaiting approval

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Awaiting approval